AWMAD2023106 Wooden Menu Holder

Wooden menu covers for Nuestra Tierra restaurant, Spain, with "Nuestra Tierra" logo

Nuestra Tierra Restaurant menu in wood, personalized by laser
Wooden menu holder with special laser engraving.
Available at dark brown color.
2 screws in brass tone.
External measurements: 235×325 mm.
Laser engraving Nuestra Tierra" logo.
Resistant and durable with Special treatment.
Special finish: Dark Brown, Washable.
Minimum order: 15 units.
Shipping: 10-15 working days.

Send an e-mail for consultation(, about the desired quantity of your personalized bill holders and menu holders. To obtain a comfortable price for our personalized menu holders, you should send an e-mail or contact us via the national landline network: + 351 22 783 65 12 / or via the mobile network: +351 91 194 80 74 (whatssap).

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    Smooth Bicolor cushion (with cushion effect).
    Smooth Cushioned 1 Color (with cushion effect).
    Smooth two-color hardcover (without cushion effect).
    Plain Hardcover 1 Color (without cushion effect).

    Exterior Cover Design
    We can work with cuts, shapes, angles, laser cutting of raw materials, combining different raw materials .....etc .
    As far as our imagination can help us design products, of course always with reasonableness and feasibility.

    Personalization :
    This menu template is engraved with low relief thermo-engraving without color.
    Called : "Dry Recording"


    Our vocation is to innovate and to this end we are constantly studying new customization techniques.
    Most of the products we produce are 100% customizable with the most varied techniques that depend on the material we are using.
    Personalization consists of using a logo, name or image to be redefined for application on a product.
    We have put at your disposal some of the most sophisticated examples on the international market so that you can see the results of these applications on each type of product to be applied.
    The result of this type of application depends on the imagination and creativity of the people involved in the process.
    The great flexibility of our customization processes, combined with the most modern customization and design techniques, make our company a Leader in the U.E.


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