Cork Bead Holder for restaurants

Cork bead holders for restaurants are a charming and practical choice for keeping things organized and adding a natural touch to the environment. 

Cork is a versatile and sustainable material, as well as having an attractive aesthetic. These bead holders can come in different styles and sizes, from simple models to more elaborate designs, with engraved details or personalized according to the restaurant's visual identity.

In the production of bead holders we use certified raw materials with a high durability coefficient. 

Our handmade cork bead holders for your restaurant can be a way of improving the customer experienceto differentiate themselves from the competition while adding a touch of  natural environment and quality for your establishment.

We are the first and most advanced national factory in Europe for cork menu covers and bead holders for restaurants and products with design for restaurants and hotels, the only one in Portugal with certified raw materials.

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Certified Material for Cork Bead Holders

We manufacture your cork bead holders for restoration according to special sizes, shapes, colors and designs.

As well as being visually pleasing, cork bead holders offer some practical advantages. They are light and easy to clean, which is important in a restaurant environment where hygiene is essential. Cork is also resistant to moisture, which is useful in a setting where drinks can be spilled.

Another plus point is that cork is a sustainable material, as it is harvested from the bark of cork trees without damaging the trees' growth. This makes cork bead holders a good fit for establishments that value sustainability and seek to reduce their environmental footprint.

Personalization is a key factor in your restaurant's corporate image. You can personalize your logo with the most sophisticated and elegant system on the high-end leather goods market. It depends on the measurements of the logo for the injection of the application to be engraved (font size).

Resistant and durable material with special treatment.

Cork bead holder
Production Map

In our factory we produce personalized cork bead holders for restaurants in any size, texture, format by Design and Mockap

Personalized bead holders for restaurants and hotels, with logo injection or engraving with special leather application.

One-color or two-color

Inner box with depth for coins. Our models of restaurant bill holders have an inner box size that allows them to hold and place coins inside in a natural and practical way.

Why You Should Customize Your Cork Restaurant Bill Holder at Our Factory

Mark the Difference, our raw materials are certified high quality and premium finishes that will add a touch of elegance to your establishment. 

When it comes to customization, we are ready to guide you and produce your restaurant's ideal bead holder with the most advanced engravings on the European/World market:

  1. Aesthetics and atmosphere: Cork has a natural appearance and unique texture, which gives bead holders a special charm. They can add a touch of elegance and rusticity to a restaurant setting.
  2. SustainabilityIn a competitive market, standing out is essential. Cork is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material, especially for establishments that value environmental responsibility. 
  3. Perceived quality: Cork bead holders are light and durable. They are easy to handle and transport, while withstanding daily wear and tear in a busy restaurant environment.
  4. PersonalizationCork bead holders are available in a variety of designs, sizes and styles. They can be customized to suit the restaurant's visual identity, from simple models to more elaborate options with engravings or decorative details.
  5. Moisture resistanceCork is naturally resistant to moisture, which makes it an ideal choice for environments where liquid spills are common, such as restaurants. This characteristic also helps prevent water damage over time.

We have included synthetic leather bead holders for restaurants in our online store so that you can easily create the bead holder to match your menu card, perfect for your restaurant or hotel, and request a quote. The production options in our online store include sizes, exterior manufacture, spine colors, textures, interior manufacture, corner colors and logo engraving technique. 

We have many customization options for you to choose from, but if you're not satisfied, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

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I have questions, can you help me?

If you have already evaluated our online store and some of the customization options do not meet your expectations, we will clarify your doubts. Click here.