Synthetic Leather Restaurant Cards

  • AWEM1492

    From 25€

    Synthetic leather restaurant menu covers. Possible engravings: Serigraphy/embossing or bas-relief engraving.

  • AWPC1060

    From 19,5€

    Restaurant menu ideas. Restaurant menu covers personalized with gold engraving, low relief.

  • AWEM202105

    Website for making Synthetic Leather Menu Covers with Engraving and Logo Insertion. Personalized menu covers should be left to Our Designers / Creators.

  • Make a Personalized Synthetic Leather Menu with your Logo engraved on it, with the quality and prestige that your venue deserves.

  • In our Menu Shop, you can buy Personalized Leather Restaurant Cards with Laser Engraving so that your restaurant can make an impact with its menus.

Buying quality leather bags?

Leather restaurant menu covers and synthetic leather menus made to measure, special shape and design. See our examples of personalized restaurant menus.

Making cards for restaurants and bill holders?

Ideas for restaurant menus. We make Synthetic Leather Bead Holders for restaurants to match your restaurant menus. See our sample menus.

Surely you've asked yourself

Where to Buy Synthetic Leather Menu Covers? Where to Buy Leather Restaurant Menu Holders ! See the ideas for restaurant menus.

Do you want to make hygienic restaurant menus?

At Bea Industrias&Adriwear, we have the best solution for you... Take a look at our portfolio and draw your own conclusions. How to create a sanitizable restaurant menu.



Synthetic Leather Restaurant Cards 

At Bea&Adriwear Industrias we are prepared to manufacture and produce Synthetic leather menu templates. We manufacture leather bill and card holders in different shapes, colors and designs for restaurants.

Our business is to create Exclusive Menus that are Personalized in a wide variety of shapes and forms, taking into account all aspects of "Design" and that can be Customized.

We believe that Leather menu covers for restaurants and menu always need a lot of thought.

Designers from Portugal's top advertising agencies are already familiar with our products via

The Leather Restaurant Cards will reflect the image of the place and the Originality of the decoration, atmosphere and consequently the Creation of the Menu Design for the restaurant.

The Best Advertising Agencies Specializing in Gastronomy know this, which is why we offer our clients very extensive possibilities for customizing restaurant menus.

That's why our Leather menus are always : Original Leather Menus.

Our restaurant cards, leather restaurant menus and original bill holders, as well as wine lists, reservations, hotel folders (guest room hotel directory folders and leather menu boards can be customized by :
Material, Color, Finish, Size, Brand, Binding, Fixings, Accessories and much more.

AWPC1060 Bead Holder and AWEM202105 Menu Cover

Menu 170x380mm and Bead holder 125X210mm

Examples of restaurant menus

Buy a Restaurant Menu Cover...

Menu covers for restaurants and bill holders for restaurants such as seafood restaurants and pizzerias come in a variety of special formats. I'm sure you've thought about how to make a leather menu cover countless times!

We know that the menu for your restaurant's leather menu is the image and concept that will be created mentally of your establishment. In this decision of image concept on the type of design of the leather menu to present, among other aspects is something that you should ponder and analyze with coldness .

We can manufacture all products to design / measure and minimum quantities as we are manufacturers, for example:
Portamenus, Bead holders, metal portamenus with laser engraving, laser cut

Restaurant bill holders

We can also add an advertisement (engraving of your restaurant logo) on top of the leather top cover.

On the menus (menu holders) you can add sheets / inner pockets made of p.v.c. (transparent plastic), allowing you to create your own printed menus.

All our skin products are prepared and can be sanitized.

Make a Difference Using Prestigious Leather Menus from Bea&Adriwear Industria Textil Unipessoal Lda.
Present wooden menus with Design, Innovation, customized with the most sophisticated personalization systems on the market.

Make an Impact on Your Customers with Cost-Effective Skin Menus.

Exterior and interior design on leather menus is the responsibility of the creative department of our factory. We create the right format and size for your menu.

Buying Leather Menu Covers with a Guarantee and at the Lowest Price on the Market, And with a Quality Guarantee is a production responsibility of our production management.



Menu covers for restaurants

The insertion of a logo on the covers of leather menus should be left to our designers (as they will provide you with several modern and up-to-date options in terms of brand image), but if you want a graphic design created by your idea, all you have to do is give our department the topics you think are appropriate.

Buying quality leather menus, with Design, Corporate Image, Durability and Quality, are the best option.

Personalized skin menus in a restaurant are the mirror of your personality and can be decisive for the success of your restaurant and its image.

We manufacture Leather Restaurant Menus in all finish levels, sizes and formats. Just take a look at our Online Portfolio of products produced for the EU.

Your Restaurant's Leather Menu must have an appropriate Structure, Format, Design and as a result be produced in High Quality Materials so that your Menus Stand out...

The best and cheapest leather menus for restaurants, made from high quality synthetic leather, with an online consultation service answered on the phone: 227836512 by design technicians who are able to give all the technical details on the manufacture of restaurant menus and wine lists, which is why "O Mundo da Restauração" speaks of our company as a benchmark in the production of customized leather menus for restaurants.

We also manufacture bill/invoice holders by design, in which you can add a personalization at the top of the cover with a bas-relief engraving.


Menu: 145x310mm | Account holder: 120x160MM

Menu site

Make a Personalized Leather Menu with low relief engraving for your restaurant with the prestige that your space deserves.

In our Portfolio of wooden menus you can see Personalized Cards for Prestigious Leather Restaurants and Direct Production Bill Holders with High Quality Finishes, by Corporate Format, Design and Color.

Customize a leather menu to match the prestige of your restaurant. Menu covers and cards for leather restaurants should be at the level your space deserves. In our Restaurant Bill Holder Portfolio you can see Personalized Cards for Leather Restaurants with Prestige and Bill Holders to Match.

Make personalized leather restaurant cards with low relief engraving so that your restaurant has an impact on the presentation of its menus. See examples of restaurant menus in our portfolio.

Factory-direct production with high-quality finishes, by corporate format, design and color.