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Menu Covers and Bill Holders for Restaurants and Hotels.

Porta Contas

Porta Contas

Cartas para sobremesas

Cartas para sobremesas



Cartas para sobremesas

Hotel Folders

Our mission is to innovate. For that reason, we continuously study new products and materials for the hotel and restaurant industry.

Our website helps you to choose the material. Choose the format and size which best adapt to your ideas and needs. We produce any idea by format, size and design, making it exclusive.

Soluções para hóteis

Hotel Solutions



Catalogo de Fabrico

Manufacter’s catalogue



Sistema de Fixação

Fastening system

Ecologic Green Cork

Ecologic Green Cork

Menu Covers for Restaurants with Bea’s art

The great flexibility in the production processes and using the most modern production and design techniques make our company the Leader in the EU market.

The Production Technique is so great that allows us to adapt your Brand to our extensive product range because we use the most modern techniques of engraving and personalization, thus being able to carry out any Creation with Exclusive Design and Customization.

Because in Bea, design also influences the new cork bill holders, wood bill holders, synthetic leather bill holders. You can add a print, so to clarify doubts see the Customization Map (Personalization Category).

In the Special Format Menu Covers and Wooden Menu Covers we can add transparent plastic sheets / bags / p.v.c., allowing you to create your own printed menus and insert the sheets of paper.

In any internet search engine, just place our website in the address bar: www.cartasderestaurantes.pt and you will have access to an online catalog with menus covers for personalized restaurants, modern wine list covers, personalized bill folders, order pads, reserved by measure, etc.

The website is dedicated to hotel and catering professionals.

You can now contact us by email: comercial@adriwear.pt or by telephone number +351 227836512 or +351 911948074, to see our products in the virtual Showroom and order them.

Bea & Adriwear Industrias Lda is at your disposal to manufacture for a whole universe of Menus, with Creativity, Design.

With our Company, you will decide the design.

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