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In Bea, we create, manufacture and distribute a range of products designed for hotels and restaurants, such as restaurant menus, wine list covers for restaurants and hotels, bill holders, hotel room folders (manuals/hotel manuals), hotel folders, folders for banks and insurance companies, special bookbindings as well as cases for certain sectors, and so that your business has more attractive and competitive commercial visibility.

The technical production capacity is so great that allows us to adapt your logo/trade name/brand to our extensive range of products, being able to make any unique design creation with unique molds/cutters/modeling and personalizing for each client its own model on an exclusive basis.

With our Company, you will decide the design..


Our vocation is to innovate and for this we are continuously studying new products and materials, creating new presentation systems for hotel industry 

Custom design

This new website allows you to choose the material, shape, format and size which adapts to your ideas or needs, since we are manufacturers and can produce by design, making it exclusive. 


The great flexibility in the production processes and using the most modern techniques of production and design make our company Leader in Portugal and Spain in the manufacture of articles for the hotel industry.


Todos os nossos produtos são exclusivos, poderemos personalizar e superaram todos os controles de qualidade.

Sobre os nossos produtos

Our products

In the Website www.cartasderestaurantes.pt we have a small sample of the infinite variety of items/accessories or complements for the hotel industry (hotel menu covers, restaurant menu covers, wine list covers, wine list covers for cooperative wineries, menucovers/wine list covers for importers and wine bottlers.  The hotel folders that we produce with high quality for hotels (directory room service presenter) are one of the prestigious products we sell in Europe.  In Bea we care and strive to produce at the lowest possible cost and always keep the possible lowest prices so that our products are accessible to all customers.  However, quality has no price. Bea’s design goal is to create a COMERCIAL IMPACT, in the development of our clients’ comercial activities and a minimum impact on environment, because the suppliers of raw materials ensure the best work conditions. Therefore, we only manufacture and sell products with raw materials which were manufactured and processed in the E.U.

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